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Exquisite Chinese Antiques

Did we mention we have lots more items of antiquity than what you see in the shop? There’s also a great collection of Chinese antiques we’re making available now. These carvings, decorative items, wooden screens, and more, have been in our collection for years, and the quality is hard to find now. We especially love the lifelike carvings which are truly dynamic and lively. They’re available for viewing, so give us a call! Check out the “Chinese Antiques” tab above for the catalogue of items.





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We love boxes!

Strange you might think, but it’s true! Not any old box I must add, but well-crafted sturdy wooden boxes which will keep your treasures well and safe for many many years.

These containers also have their own stories to tell, with the passage of time marking their surfaces.

We have collected boxes both big and small over many years. Here’s a sampling of some that’s a great size for storing special trinkets and collectibles. They’re about 30cm by 20cm big. Check out our box stack! 🙂



This has a tray to organise your items


This has a tray to organise your items


Use it as a display base too!

If you’re looking for other sizes, call us!

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A selected few

To all those who came and asked us for retro furniture, here are our limited offerings. We hope to get more but in our very small space, we can either accommodate furniture or people, not both! =)

Pardon the grainy photography – this is a teak sidetable with a handy little shelf for magazines.

Another small table which can be used as a pedestal too.

Coffeetable with pencil legs

Extra seats for guests – fun retro plastic stools (two available)


We have a matching American Tourister suitcase too!

We searched high and low for these bell-shaped lampshades, similar to the ones in the shop. We now have them in a set with the vintage bulb holder, in very limited quantities. Pardon the photography as it was difficult trying to hold it still and take a picture at the same time!

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New arrivals

Medic medic! First-aid bag from China

We seldom have furniture in the shop for sale, so this is a treat – a small table suitable for a low sitting arrangement?

Small dainty table

Accordian in original case

Working tyre-lessly (Geddit?)

Michelin tin sign and mascot

Amber-coloured bottles with stoppers; old glass – what more can we say? These bottles are simply fabulous when the light hits.

Lovely cosmetic case that unusually opens from the side.

Slim & Sassy


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Boxy beauties

You know we’re big on boxes, so check out these handcrafted wooden cases.

Wooden block from The Monotype Corp

Another one from The Monotype Corp.

This has handy metal dividers inside. Great for storing or displaying little treasures.

Case with external closing catches and handle

A peek inside

Another case with a surprise inside

Includes a wooden tray inside to organise your stuff better!

Patterned yellow and red box

Instrument case with locking device

This is how you do it

A cute square case

It says medical instrument on the inside of the box

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