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Random ‘new’ items!

From industrial-use glass bottles to vintage flour sacks, there is something for everyone!


How about turning these old glass bottles into lamp bases?



Cosmetic case with brass details


Kids colouring mat



Swank vintage lighter (new in box)


Vintage amber coffee cups (set of six)


Vintage National toaster with toy toaster


Real ship porthole


Use this vintage flour sack to make cushions!


Reproduction HMV signboard



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Be a kid again

How do you maintain childlike curiousity and constant wonder about what’s around us? Indulge in your inner kid! It’s definitely not the same as being childish.

Sure, you might not remember when was the last time you used a pencil but that’s not the point. These sharpeners are awesome as they don’t do them like this anymore.

These wisdom boards are so great, we don’t care that we’ve just posted them, we’re┬áposting them again!

Inflatable dolls – not vintage but sooo cute.

Mr Penguin


Smiley elephant


Ms Dolly


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Gift Guide Part Two

For the hostess with the mostest…

Amber cups and saucers in mint condition (set of six in box)

For those who want to relive their childhood…

(It says on the box: The wisdom board is a highly fascinating and educational toy. It will arouse the wisdom of the children, teaches them to use the beads in simple calculation….. set all their basic necessary knowledge in English alphabets, numerals, time, week, month, season,…….) We love it as it really packs plenty in one neat and boldly-coloured package!

Made-in-Shanghai Wisdom Board

Flip side

Learn about the seasons and more!

For those who love history…

Framed vintage French postcards

Ony a select few are framed.

The see-through frame lets you appreciate the wonderful handwriting behind.

For typewriter fans…

Adler Contessa in bold bright orange! (sold)

Royal typewriter


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