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A big thanks… and special discounts for Xmas

The lovely coverage of our shop in various publications : The Straits Times Urban (19 Nov), Time-Out (Dec issue) and lately in Sunday’s Lifestyle papers (12 Dec), has kept us busy indeed.

A big thank you to the journalists and photographers who came, saw and loved the shop enough to write about us.

Thanks also to the customers who dropped by!

To show our appreciation, we are offering a 20% off on all vintage dresses, cufflinks from the $20 to $80 category and pocket chains, and a 10% off on tin toys, from now till 4 Jan 2011.

It’s the last weekend for Christmas shopping so come by to see what unique gifts you can get for your friends and family.

Our cufflinks come with free gift wrapping!

Doll yourself up with our new sparkly brooches, perfect for that Christmas party dress or soon to come, that Chinese New Year outfit. Prices start from $12

See you soon!

Sparkly Brooches!

Our Xmas brooch tree

Xmas gift ideas!

Our special Xmas gift-wrapping for cufflinks.


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New items- turntables and tin toys

As promised we have two really cool portable turntables for your purview. One’s like the mini hi-fi system of yesteryear, turntable, speakers and cassette player (remember those?) all neatly housed in one swanky briefcase, and the other is a sweet thing indeed – a plastic cyan model in a wooden carrying case. This one has built-in speakers but can also be plugged into an external speaker.

From this...

to this! The brand is Sanyo.

From this...

to this!

Toys today have gone all high-tech, but there’s just something so intrinsically charming about tin toys that you can’t help but smile when you see them. Not just for kids, adults are collecting them too. Wind them up and see them go! Each toy is hand-assembled and requires many different parts – each one is truly a labour of love and a work of art, but remember to play with them  too! =)

We have limited pieces of these toys designed by graphic designer and toy collector Marvin Chan, who used to run the Shanghai Museum of Toys at Rowell Road (which has sadly closed). Marvin is also an authority on vintage China-made toys and his book Chinese Toys Vol.1 is also available at the shop. I’ll just like to add that the packaging for the toys are just as lovely as the items inside.

Planet Robot- also comes in red

the gift-worthy packaging

Roxy Robot

Neutron Robot

Acrobatic Bear Plane- with moving propeller!

Bi-Plane Fighter

Tusic- Toy+Music! Wind it up and it plays a tune.

Marvin's book


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