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(Re)Visit the Kopitiam

Ever you ever visited one of really old kopitiams in Singapore, just to ‘soak up the atmosphere’?

There aren’t many left here but you can certainly try to ‘re-create’ that old nostalgic feeling at home with a koptiam table, chairs and accessories.

Just the cups alone are enough to create that wave of nostalgia. Check out our little kopitiam corner with the iconic cups and saucers adorned with green English-style blossoms. The saucer is (deliberately?) deep for the purpose of holding a quivering softly poached egg. More uncommon and harder to find are the white cups, rimmed with gold and with that unmistakeable gold symbol. I admit I don’t know what the gold emblem stands for. Can anyone tell me? What I do know is that I know it instantly as a kopitiam cup.

We have limited quantity of these 2 cup designs and are selling them as sets (cup+saucer+little spoon). All sets are new and never been used (the gold is still bright on the white cup).

The Big Picture

Kopitiam cups

The blue Esso “LPG”canister is actually a vintage soya sauce container. It was a premium from the company.


The toaster is also ‘new’ as in new arrival =)

The top panel becomes a toast rack when taken out!


The toaster is standing on a vintage stool which has been restored with a new cane seat. Used in the kopitiam too perhaps? We have a few of these.

Stool with cane seat


New designs of patterned glasses

Glasses with printed patterns


This would have been useful in a kopitiam. Vintage-style standing ashtray – flip the tray open to rest your ciggie and flip it closed to throw away the ash. Ingenious design! Also available in fuchsia.

Ashtray with goose neck stand






Watch this space for more kopitiam news! Akan Datang!



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A selected few

To all those who came and asked us for retro furniture, here are our limited offerings. We hope to get more but in our very small space, we can either accommodate furniture or people, not both! =)

Pardon the grainy photography – this is a teak sidetable with a handy little shelf for magazines.

Another small table which can be used as a pedestal too.

Coffeetable with pencil legs

Extra seats for guests – fun retro plastic stools (two available)


We have a matching American Tourister suitcase too!

We searched high and low for these bell-shaped lampshades, similar to the ones in the shop. We now have them in a set with the vintage bulb holder, in very limited quantities. Pardon the photography as it was difficult trying to hold it still and take a picture at the same time!

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