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Be a kid again

How do you maintain childlike curiousity and constant wonder about what’s around us? Indulge in your inner kid! It’s definitely not the same as being childish.

Sure, you might not remember when was the last time you used a pencil but that’s not the point. These sharpeners are awesome as they don’t do them like this anymore.

These wisdom boards are so great, we don’t care that we’ve just posted them, we’re posting them again!

Inflatable dolls – not vintage but sooo cute.

Mr Penguin


Smiley elephant


Ms Dolly



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I love you from the bottom of my pencilcase

Right, those who grew up in the 80s will remember this immortal line from The Beautiful South’s Song for Whoever, but that’s not this post is about.
It’s about pencilcases. For those who grew up in the 80s will also remember that to be the envy of all  in those days, you gotta have an impressive pencilcase.
One of those boxy Made-in-Japan kind with more accessories than a Swiss Army knife. Press a button and a sharpener pops out, press another and presto, a pencil tray. The more the better.
For girls, you would want a ‘Xiao Tian Tian-type’ girl beaming sweetly from the cover. For boys, perhaps a Japanese cartoon action hero, Ultraman or some super-coool car.
Some things never change – I still want to fill these latest pencil cases we got with my favourite strawberry-scented erasers =) How about you?

These pencilcases are mint in package, never been used.


Saving the World!

Take that!

Just begging to be filled



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A little bit of this, a little bit of that

This is what I will call my cham-pa-lang (sounds rude doesn’t it?) post, which to non-Singlish speakers just means that it’s a collection of random, unrelated items.

Well, they do have one thing in common, and that is they’re all really cool and unique!

First up, a sound-powered telephone. What is that you ask? I did a bit of digging (on Wiki), and it’s a phone that  doesn’t need any power source. That explains why it has been used primarily on ships for normal and emergency communications for the past 60 years now. How cool is that?!  This one is dated 1974.

Sound-powered telephone

A closer look at the make and model

Next up is a logo recognised the world over. Ours is super-sized to make it even more of a status-symbol.

Mercedes sign

You have seen the pattern countless of times, but do you recognise it here? We just love this Marie biscuit ‘stamp’ made from wood and brass, and I think most probably connected to a heat source to brand the pattern on your favourite childhood treat.

Hey look it's Marie!

Marie's profile

Here’s a little detail you might not have noticed when it was part of a trishaw. I think it was a decorative piece  that went below the passenger seat. Please correct me if I’m wrong.  Anyway, it’ll make a nice frame for a mirror or opening on your wall.

Trishaw decoration

Before label-makers became (almost) effortless, there were Dymo label- makers, which required a fair bit of wrist-work. You would load a spool of plasticky ribbon into the gadget and turn an alphabet wheel to ”punch” the letters one by one into the ribbon. Immensely satisfying yes, when you had applied enough strength to punch every single letter out evenly and clear, with no wastage due to typos =) This one is made of metal, not plastic.

Dymo Tape-Writer

Side view of Dymo

To use a terrible cliche – last but not least, these brass padlocks. They might have lost their keys but make really stylish vintage  paperweights!

Vintage brass locks/ paperweights


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Stationery- as you’ve never seen them before!

See what your desktop stationery looked like some 8o or more years ago!



Tape dispenser



Dymo label-maker (metal, not plastic)


Brass bell

We also have two new typewriters

Litton Imperial

Amida (black and white)


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