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Sew On and Sew Forth

Sewing is a skill everyone should have, we reckon – after all, there is only so much you can do with a safety pin or sticky tape!

These vintage sewing supplies should get you raring to go with a thread and needle.

New Home sewing machine

Canary Pinking Scissors

Vintage tailor wood and brass rulers (set of four)

Shanghai tailor scissors

For everything you need to know about dressmaking, check out this tome which comes with the kind of hand-drawn 1970s style illustrations we love.

Golden Hands Encyclopedia of Dressmaking circa 1972

A look inside

A look inside

Vintage measurement exercise book

A look inside

Japanese crochet book

Look at the funky toaster cover, love it!

Can someone make these coasters for us?

Not a sewing implement but well, closely related to fabrics!

Vintage travel iron

Folds up like this for travel!



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New ‘Old’ Things

Vintage is so popular right now, people are making new things that look old, or remaking old things into new ones!

Check out our ‘replica’ sewing machine that is actually a music box, a ‘replica’ dial-phone that is actually¬†a lighter¬†and a ‘replica’ fan that is actually a clock!

Wind up this sewing machine, pull the drawer out and and besides playing a twinkling tune, the machine parts move too! (the needle and foot pedal goes up and down)

Music box sewing machine

Side view

An idea of the scale

Try this neat party trick – light a candle with your phone! Or rather, the flame that comes from the dial of this cute little ‘telephone’. Just remember to load up with lighter fluid first.

The blades might not move, but this fan is still really cool (pun intended) for its vintage edge. The clock is detachable and runs on one small battery. Hey it looks like the KDK fan we used to have!

KDK fan (sold)


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London Calling

We scoured the antique markets of London to bring you this collection of eclectic effects.

Travel luggage in excellent condition, with original keys too!

Take a look inside!

Hand-operated portable sewing machine

Comes in this handsome case

Art-deco style clock in working condition

Metal wall-mounted tea-dispenser

Gas mask (kid's size). We don't see this here, that's for sure.

Guess what I am!

I'm unfolding

Ta-dah, I'm a mini slide projector


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