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Bags of Style

One can never have enough of them!

Stunning beaded bag

Stunning beaded handbag




It’s Glomesh!


As a clutch (comes with detachable strap)


Nikon camera bag


Camera bag


Camera bag


Handmade black beaded bag


Russian airline bag


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For that special person…

Orchard Road, that mecca of shopping, is decked out in its annual Christmas finery. Which sends a (not so subtle) message to one and all that gift-buying season is upon us! After all, the joy is in the giving isn’t it? =) Stumped by what to get for that special person? We’ve put together a little gift guide to help you along.

For those who love cats…

Ceramic Made-in-Japan purring felines (sold)

For those who love flowers…

Beautiful glass vases

For those who love singing… (microphone stands available too)

Vintage microphones!

For those who love military memorabilia…

Russian military badges

Military aircraft communications headset

For those who love their drinks (hic)…

Vintage metal drink trays

For those who love tea…

British tea-leaf dispenser

For those who love keeping in touch…

Metal telephone clip pad with pull-out address book.

More to come!

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Red Star Style

I admit, I know next to nothing about Russian culture or design, but there’s just something about communist-era design that appeals so much to me. Maybe it’s because it’s so bold, plain and direct. Something that shouts and calls to attention immediately – no-nonsense communication. If only all design can speak to us so clearly.

It’s hip to be kitsch, pin one of these Russian military badges on a serious-looking blazer and see your outfit  pop to life. They’re on sale now at $5 each.

Russian badges

A closer look

The ‘badge’ on the first row is called a Everyday Cockade, to affix on the band around the officer’s cap. That’s why you see two flaps that bend out from behind.

The badge with the ‘2’ is an Armoured Qualification badge – 2nd Class.

They’re also great on a beret.

Smart beret

And if your ears are feeling cold, here’s a big woolly cap with ear flaps.

Russian winter cap

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