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The PERFECT gift

Find it at By My Old School!

For the person who loves keropok (prawn crackers)


For those who love Pepsi


Old-school Pepsi glasses

For the person who needs spectacles 🙂


Vintage optician kit


For the ‘domestic goddess’ who doesn’t cook


Reproduction metal sign (sold)

For the retro-fashion fashionista


Vintage patchwork clutch (sold)


Vintage patchwork clutch (sold)

For those who love trinkets


Made-in-England glass vintage butter dish


Store your butter or your jewellery!

If you just want to send your festive greetings, do so with our greeting cards made with authentic vintage French postcards! Some examples of the postcards here:




More gift ideas to come but check these out in the shop now! 🙂


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The Magic of Marilyn and other gems

Images of Marilyn Monroe are simply timeless, even though it’s the 50th anniversary of her death this year.

These classic black and white prints truly capture her as an eternal icon of beauty and sweet sexiness.

Framed print, unfortunately a new pane of glass needs to be fitted. Measures 62cm x 52 cm.

The print is labelled “Milton H Green photoportfolio”

Classic Marilyn

This framed print below measures 50cm x 39cm

Sexy Marilyn

More things you can hang up at home – mirrored signs for the bar area or kitchen.

Tiger Beer sign 51 cm x 41 cm

Stella Artois Gold Standard Establishment plaque 41cm x 23cm

Tripel Karmeliet beer sign (a Belgian speciality beer) 40cm x 40cm

Metal Belgian road sign (65cm x 32cm)

Add a regal touch to your home with a portrait of this aristocratic guy.

Celebrate Simon Bolivar, a Venezuelan national hero who ruled the country in the 1800s.

Beautiful antique oval wood frame

Great for a vintage travel decor theme, but needs a pane of glass for the frame.

Framed “vintage” French Line advertisement poster (52cm x 37cm)

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Celebrity Status

Get up close and personal to your favourite film and music stars with these gorgeous posters of them at their best!

These good quality posters (printed on white card) are great framed up for the wall. Do multiples for best effect. Only $15 each (about A3 aize).

Check out the list below for the range we have (in alphabetical order):

Burt Reynolds, Clint Eastwood, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Harrison Ford, Jack Nicholson, Kevin Costner, Michael Douglas, Paul MacCartney, Richard Gere, Ringo Starr, Robert de Niro, Roger Moore, Sylvester Stallone.

Sir Paul


The King, Elvis


Jack is back


Ol 'blue eyes Frank Sinatra



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