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Random ‘new’ items!

From industrial-use glass bottles to vintage flour sacks, there is something for everyone!


How about turning these old glass bottles into lamp bases?



Cosmetic case with brass details


Kids colouring mat



Swank vintage lighter (new in box)


Vintage amber coffee cups (set of six)


Vintage National toaster with toy toaster


Real ship porthole


Use this vintage flour sack to make cushions!


Reproduction HMV signboard



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Domestic Helpers

We aim to provide vintage items that are practical as well – we’re not sure about the hairdryers though!

Yes we hear you, it’s difficult to find unique hooks out there (the designer ones are all too expensive!). These are just perfect to add some vintage character to your wall. Did we mention they’re functional too?

We have them mounted in one, twos and threes and unmounted as well.

Vintage hooks

One fixture is actually three hooks, so three of them means nine hooks! Gosh!

Elegant handheld mirror and coat brush

We’re not sure if these hairdryers are working (we recommend not trying them out with your other appliances on!) But lovely shapes, don’t you think?

National brand hairdryer

Wigo hairdryer (Made in Germany)

Wanli hairdryer (Made in China)


These teak photoframes have such a lovely nostalgic vibe to them. Imagine them hung in a row, in some old clan association or coffeeshop). The chains that come with them are made of metal links and are extraordinarily long. We have 7 frames available.

Vintage teak photoframes (46cm x 38cm)

Love the bevelled edges.

Metal chain for picture hanging

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Gadgety things

A gadget is defined as “an often small mechanical or electronic device with a practical use but often thought of as a novelty” (Merriam-Webster). Well these are gadgets then – some might have outlived their original function but hey, they’re still great to have as a cool reminder of how far we’ve come with technology.

The only way I could find out what an oscilloscope is was to google it so here it is, from Ms Wiki (I say Ms coz Mr Wiki sounds strange). An oscilloscope is a type of electronic test instrument that allows observation of constantly varying signal voltages, …… We just think it looks super cool 😉

National Oscilloscope



This hot red mini still works! (but all you might see is static)

Toshiba Solid State TV


This little gadget certainly saved secretaries of past plenty of work! Vintage cheque writer.

Cheque writer

A more modern variation of the cheque writer.

Cheque writer


Remember the Dymo label maker? You can really guess a person’s age from this question! =)

Plastic Dymo label maker

Plastic Dymo label maker


I wonder whose passport photo this Polaroid mini portrait has taken?



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