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Telephone accessories

When we say phone accessories in the vintage context, we mean handset holders and phone list finders, not mobile phone cases or screen protectors 🙂 Those born in the seventies and earlier will probably have used these before. The handset holder plays the theme from Romeo & Juliet  when activated. Lovely!


Singapore Telecoms phone and some cool phone accessories




New in box telephone list finder



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Musical instruments of my childhood

When I was in primary school, I had to choose one of two instruments to learn – the recorder or the pianica. Well, I’m glad (and my parents too I bet) that it wasn’t the cello or the tuba. Because I’m hopeless at any musical instrument! If you too, have fond memories of playing these two curriculum-mandated instruments (from Yamaha too!), take a walk down memory lane and check them out in the shop now.



We also have harmonicas, but no we weren’t required to learn these 🙂


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Dial My Number

You can develop patience with these phones, as you have to wait for the dial to return to the original position before dialling the next number. But we think patience is a real underrated virtue =)

All phones are in working condition.

A really beautiful baby blue. Made in Japan

Brown phone with Telecoms logo

Hotel room phone with cute icons

Phone handset holder with music! Remember these?

How cool is it walking around with these early “handphone” models?

Sony 70s’ Walkie Talkie


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Celebrity Status

Get up close and personal to your favourite film and music stars with these gorgeous posters of them at their best!

These good quality posters (printed on white card) are great framed up for the wall. Do multiples for best effect. Only $15 each (about A3 aize).

Check out the list below for the range we have (in alphabetical order):

Burt Reynolds, Clint Eastwood, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Harrison Ford, Jack Nicholson, Kevin Costner, Michael Douglas, Paul MacCartney, Richard Gere, Ringo Starr, Robert de Niro, Roger Moore, Sylvester Stallone.

Sir Paul


The King, Elvis


Jack is back


Ol 'blue eyes Frank Sinatra



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New arrivals

Medic medic! First-aid bag from China

We seldom have furniture in the shop for sale, so this is a treat – a small table suitable for a low sitting arrangement?

Small dainty table

Accordian in original case

Working tyre-lessly (Geddit?)

Michelin tin sign and mascot

Amber-coloured bottles with stoppers; old glass – what more can we say? These bottles are simply fabulous when the light hits.

Lovely cosmetic case that unusually opens from the side.

Slim & Sassy


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