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The Magic of Marilyn and other gems

Images of Marilyn Monroe¬†are simply timeless, even though it’s the 50th anniversary of her death this year.

These classic black and white prints truly capture her as an eternal icon of beauty and sweet sexiness.

Framed print, unfortunately a new pane of glass needs to be fitted. Measures 62cm x 52 cm.

The print is labelled “Milton H Green photoportfolio”

Classic Marilyn

This framed print below measures 50cm x 39cm

Sexy Marilyn

More things you can hang up at home – mirrored signs for the bar area or kitchen.

Tiger Beer sign 51 cm x 41 cm

Stella Artois Gold Standard Establishment plaque 41cm x 23cm

Tripel Karmeliet beer sign (a Belgian speciality beer) 40cm x 40cm

Metal Belgian road sign (65cm x 32cm)

Add a regal touch to your home with a portrait of this aristocratic guy.

Celebrate Simon Bolivar, a Venezuelan national hero who ruled the country in the 1800s.

Beautiful antique oval wood frame

Great for a vintage travel decor theme, but needs a pane of glass for the frame.

Framed “vintage” French Line advertisement poster (52cm x 37cm)


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Domestic Helpers

We aim to provide vintage items that are practical as well – we’re not sure about the hairdryers though!

Yes we hear you, it’s difficult to find unique hooks out there (the designer ones are all too expensive!). These are just perfect to add some vintage character to your wall. Did we mention they’re functional too?

We have them mounted in one, twos and threes and unmounted as well.

Vintage hooks

One fixture is actually three hooks, so three of them means nine hooks! Gosh!

Elegant handheld mirror and coat brush

We’re not sure if these hairdryers are working (we recommend not trying them out with your other appliances on!) But lovely shapes, don’t you think?

National brand hairdryer

Wigo hairdryer (Made in Germany)

Wanli hairdryer (Made in China)


These teak photoframes have such a lovely nostalgic vibe to them. Imagine them hung in a row, in some old clan association or coffeeshop). The chains that come with them are made of metal links and are extraordinarily long. We have 7 frames available.

Vintage teak photoframes (46cm x 38cm)

Love the bevelled edges.

Metal chain for picture hanging

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