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Vintage-themed Wedding

Make your weddings even more special with our vintage props! Here are some ideas:

– ham it up with a vintage microphone at the photo shoot

– flaunt a suitcase stack at the reception

– get your friends to type their greetings on a typewriter

– use a vintage cosmetic case to store your ang pows.

What other ideas do you have in mind? Let us know, and we might just have the props for it! All for sale and rent.

Vintage luggage

DSC_2955 DSC_2954

P1050619 IMG_2059


Vintage microphones 

DSC_2828 DSC_2952 DSC_2953


Cosmetic case for ang pows




DSC_2979 DSC_3144

DSC_3146 DSC_3147



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Vintage military and aircraft instruments

These will make great display pieces for someone who loves military memorabilia. We’ve got something really rare – the navigation instruments of a 1960s miltary plane, and other cool gadgets from the World War II era. Check these out!

A closer look

A closer look

A really cool joystick! Nah, it’s an even cooler pick-up microphone for an air-ground controller, circa World War II.

Pick-up microphone, British RAF

A fighter pilot’s oxygen respirator, circa World War II, British RAF.

Fighter pilot’s oxygen respirator, British RAF

World War II communications headset

World War II communications headset, made of bakelite

Morse code tapper (we have other models too)

Bakelite Morse code tapper


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For that special person…

Orchard Road, that mecca of shopping, is decked out in its annual Christmas finery. Which sends a (not so subtle) message to one and all that gift-buying season is upon us! After all, the joy is in the giving isn’t it? =) Stumped by what to get for that special person? We’ve put together a little gift guide to help you along.

For those who love cats…

Ceramic Made-in-Japan purring felines (sold)

For those who love flowers…

Beautiful glass vases

For those who love singing… (microphone stands available too)

Vintage microphones!

For those who love military memorabilia…

Russian military badges

Military aircraft communications headset

For those who love their drinks (hic)…

Vintage metal drink trays

For those who love tea…

British tea-leaf dispenser

For those who love keeping in touch…

Metal telephone clip pad with pull-out address book.

More to come!

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