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Vintage-themed Wedding

Make your weddings even more special with our vintage props! Here are some ideas:

– ham it up with a vintage microphone at the photo shoot

– flaunt a suitcase stack at the reception

– get your friends to type their greetings on a typewriter

– use a vintage cosmetic case to store your ang pows.

What other ideas do you have in mind? Let us know, and we might just have the props for it! All for sale and rent.

Vintage luggage

DSC_2955 DSC_2954

P1050619 IMG_2059


Vintage microphones 

DSC_2828 DSC_2952 DSC_2953


Cosmetic case for ang pows




DSC_2979 DSC_3144

DSC_3146 DSC_3147



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We have vintage suitcases

Why would you buy a vintage suitcase? They’re great for storage, for display and just because they remind us of a time when travel was a truly glamourous affair.

Also available for rental.

Waiting for their flight to be called


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Call me, call me, baby baby call me now…

Recognise the lyrics of this song? I’ll give a prize to the first person who emails me with the name of the song! (hint: it’s from the 80s) =)

Anyway, the point of this lyrical challenge is that you can revert to calling me now at 98792088 for enquiries and appointments.

Some lovely new items in the shop include these really nifty ‘vintage’ travel stickers you can use to turn any ol’ leather bag or journal into a instant antique piece! 3 collections of designs are available, 8 different stickers in a pack.

An adorable family of (ceramic) rabbits


To continue the theme, acrylic earring-holders in a woodland theme (complete with mushrooms, squirrels and bunnies!) Available in black and white. Not vintage I know, but I couldn’t resist!

Three retro lamps to light up your your bedside or study table! All in working condition.


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London Calling

We scoured the antique markets of London to bring you this collection of eclectic effects.

Travel luggage in excellent condition, with original keys too!

Take a look inside!

Hand-operated portable sewing machine

Comes in this handsome case

Art-deco style clock in working condition

Metal wall-mounted tea-dispenser

Gas mask (kid's size). We don't see this here, that's for sure.

Guess what I am!

I'm unfolding

Ta-dah, I'm a mini slide projector


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and we’re back!

Time flies when you’re having fun! Even though we were hard at work looking for what we think you might like (and lugging it all back), we also enjoyed every minute of it.

Apologies for the long absence (our customers have been asking when the new items will be posted), so ta dah, here’s the first show-and-tell for our new items which includes typewriters, clocks, turntables, tin toys and not forgetting lovely vintage dresses as well (in the next post!)

We have three new typewriters – two in really retro-licious yellow and orange and one more serious candidate.

Olivetti typewriter - comes with a cover in the same colour.

Adler typewriter - comes with a cover in the same colour

Remington typewriter- comes attached to case

Watch the eyes on these cute woodland creatures, they move from side-to-side as the clock ticks! In working condition.

Look hoo's watching - Diamond-brand alarm clock

Bambi alarm clock

 Bakelite is  the grandfather of all plastics, so this clock  is pretty rare. The ones with the metal-casing (like the one you see in the shop) is more commonly seen. Really lovely art-deco style numerals, and in perfect working condition too!

Diamond Bakelite clock

A more fun and retro style

 We love old luggage, and from what we’ve seen of the latest boutique display windows and interior-design spreads, the fashion and design world loves them too.  Stack them in a pile or use one open as a display for your favourite books and magazines. With their weatherbeaten surfaces, nicks, scrapes and scratches, each one tells a story.

Pile it up

(on top of the pile) Diamond-carrying slim wooden case

(bottom of the pile) cute black and red checked case. Reminds us of those Enid Blyton stories.

Fits a teddy bear perfectly =)

A light case- we hear it's original owner was a flight crew member

Revelation - a prestige British luggage brand.

Circa 1930s heavyweight leather luggage with brass locks and studs

Circa 1930s-40s Indian metal trunks (2 sizes)

inside trunk

Long case (good for storing posters!)

To serve the people- old China barefoot doctor's medical bag (with strap)

 Do you want to bring fashion to your workplace?  A vintage leather briefcase makes a great finishing touch to any smart suit. I’ve even spotted a very fashionable student carrying one up the bus, complete with dapper hat. We have a few in the shop, all handmade, and with that well-seasoned patina that gives it such great character. (At very affordable prices too!)

Hartmann leather briefcase

In great condition, with warranty card intact

 More to come tomorrow!


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