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Nice & Nautical

If you’ve been to our shop, you’ll know what an extensive collection of nautical items we have – from pulleys and compasses to diving helmets and steering wheels! Here’s a taste of the latest vintage items.









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All Bottled Up

Our favourite find this week has got to be the green vintage Givaudan glass perfume bottles. A famous Swiss fragrance company which traces its roots back to 1796(!!), the bottles still have perfume in them! They have an office in Singapore too! Anyone from Givaduan out there? 🙂


We love old glass bottles, and these will make a fine pairing next to vintage amber, cobalt blue and clear ones. Turn them (or any bottle) into oil/kerosene lamps with these wicks we just got in, made from cotton and recycled metal.



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Going industrial

Wonder why the industrial look is all the rage? These grungy utilitarian pieces are unexpected and delightful discoveries in a clean contemporary home. Take these ship lamps home and use them in your own creative way.







Used in train carriages


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Public Garden this weekend!

TGIF! Make the most out of this long weekend by visiting the Public Garden flea market at the National Museum.

We’ll be there on sat and sun from 1pm to 7pm with many of Singapore’s finest independent retailers!

Here’s a peek at what we will be bringing. Super industrial ship lamps!


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New in shop – random items

Come and check out these new items!

Brand new foldable desk lamp

Small thermos flask

Plated metal egg cups

Canon Zoom 8 video camera

A closer look

Olivetti Studio 46 typewriter

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Call me, call me, baby baby call me now…

Recognise the lyrics of this song? I’ll give a prize to the first person who emails me with the name of the song! (hint: it’s from the 80s) =)

Anyway, the point of this lyrical challenge is that you can revert to calling me now at 98792088 for enquiries and appointments.

Some lovely new items in the shop include these really nifty ‘vintage’ travel stickers you can use to turn any ol’ leather bag or journal into a instant antique piece! 3 collections of designs are available, 8 different stickers in a pack.

An adorable family of (ceramic) rabbits


To continue the theme, acrylic earring-holders in a woodland theme (complete with mushrooms, squirrels and bunnies!) Available in black and white. Not vintage I know, but I couldn’t resist!

Three retro lamps to light up your your bedside or study table! All in working condition.


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A selected few

To all those who came and asked us for retro furniture, here are our limited offerings. We hope to get more but in our very small space, we can either accommodate furniture or people, not both! =)

Pardon the grainy photography – this is a teak sidetable with a handy little shelf for magazines.

Another small table which can be used as a pedestal too.

Coffeetable with pencil legs

Extra seats for guests – fun retro plastic stools (two available)


We have a matching American Tourister suitcase too!

We searched high and low for these bell-shaped lampshades, similar to the ones in the shop. We now have them in a set with the vintage bulb holder, in very limited quantities. Pardon the photography as it was difficult trying to hold it still and take a picture at the same time!

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