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Nice & Nautical

If you’ve been to our shop, you’ll know what an extensive collection of nautical items we have – from pulleys and compasses to diving helmets and steering wheels! Here’s a taste of the latest vintage items.









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Harmonious Harmonicas

We’re excited about our latest finds – harmonicas, or chromatic harmonicas to be exact (look up Wikipedia for the lowdown on what this is!). The thought that these vintage pieces, so well loved and played by someone obviously accomplished, would be loved and played once again, makes us happy that we can be a part of this process.

The two main brands we have are Hohner (the world’s foremost manufacturer of harmonicas) and Nippon Gakki (known now as Yamaha). All come in their original packaging and in great condition.

Hohner 265 Bass Chromatic harmonica




Hohner Chromonica 270 (said to be the world’s best-selling model)

Nippon Gakki Seizo Butterfly Orchestra series Single Alt Pitch A-440



Nippon Gakki Seizo Butterfly Orchestra series Single Bass Pitch A-440



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Find your type (New typewriters in!)

All cleaned up and ready to – type! Olivettis, Olympias, even an Underwood!






Underwood 18 (sold)

The Underwood 18 comes in a beautiful carrying case that looks just like a handbag (below)



Imperial Litton – Made in Japan, dated 1977 (sold)

These were not serviced, but great for display (below)!




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Household Goods

Just your simple everyday items… the everyday items of the past that is =)

Rooster brand alarm clock (working condition)

Plated napkin holder (engraved with “With Compliments Stamford Press”)

UK-made pear-shaped plate

Cute kid-sized enamel cups (not been used)

1940s potato peeler

I understand this was pre-cassette – the cartridge would be loaded with songs, but look at the size of the slot!

Concerto 70s cartridge player

Side view showing slot

Reproduction “vintage” phone (not working)

Made-in-Japan Cigarette Music Holder. It’s llke a music box for ciggies!

Learn to play a new instrument.

Hohner Melodica Soprano (in original box)

Instructions included

The original calculator (better than one as it needs no power source!)

Abacus 1 (13 places)

Abacus 2 (11 places) Lotus-flower brand

We think this was used for weighing letters to calculate postage.

Foldable portable mini weighing scale

Folds up into a slim case


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Sew On and Sew Forth

Sewing is a skill everyone should have, we reckon – after all, there is only so much you can do with a safety pin or sticky tape!

These vintage sewing supplies should get you raring to go with a thread and needle.

New Home sewing machine

Canary Pinking Scissors

Vintage tailor wood and brass rulers (set of four)

Shanghai tailor scissors

For everything you need to know about dressmaking, check out this tome which comes with the kind of hand-drawn 1970s style illustrations we love.

Golden Hands Encyclopedia of Dressmaking circa 1972

A look inside

A look inside

Vintage measurement exercise book

A look inside

Japanese crochet book

Look at the funky toaster cover, love it!

Can someone make these coasters for us?

Not a sewing implement but well, closely related to fabrics!

Vintage travel iron

Folds up like this for travel!


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Metal Head – hooks, handles and more

These items have nothing in common, except that they’re all metal, vintage and really unique!

Have you heard of the term Occupied Japan? It’s the period after WWII when Japan was occupied by the Allied forces (American and British mainly), from the year 1945 to about 1952. Which makes this exquisite jewellery box and lighter about 70 years old, gosh! These items are marked with the words “Made in Occupied Japan”.

Nickel-plated jewellery box

Art-deco style lighter (shaped like a tulip)

Made in Occupied Japan

A toast rack you can use for letters too.

Toast rack (sold)

A slice of Americana

American 50s diner-style napkin holder (sold)

The contrast of shades and textures makes it interesting

A gift from Brubaker Plumbing and Heating (sold)

Real American car license plates

Vintage brass handles – lovely to jazz up a plain wooden box or chest of drawers.

Brass handles

Brass handle

This is new but mid-century-modern inspired – a set of fun swivelling hooks.

Wall-mounted swivelling hooks

Wall-mounted swivelling hooks

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New arrivals – typewriters

Catch these before they’re gone!

We love the baby blue keyboard of the Hermes Baby (no relation to the fashion brand). Made in West Germany, it was quite an iconic typewriter in its day. This model was made around 1966.

Hermes Baby (sold)

Another blue –  a dusky hue for the Hanimex, made in Japan, circa 1960s.

Hanimex Regal

Sophisticated brown Royal Litton typewriter, made in Japan also in the 60s.


The Olivetti Dora was designed by renowned Italian architect Ettore Sottsass (he also designed the chilli red Olivetti Valentine and founded the Memphis design movement – think geometric shapes and squiggly lines). Note the clean and simple, slightly boxy shape. The typeface, as we read, is Techno Pica, a similarly boxy font. Made in the 60s in Spain.

Olivetti Dora

Finally, the most unusual of the lot with a woodgrain casing, another Royal Litton.

Royal (sold)


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