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Household Goods

Just your simple everyday items… the everyday items of the past that is =)

Rooster brand alarm clock (working condition)

Plated napkin holder (engraved with “With Compliments Stamford Press”)

UK-made pear-shaped plate

Cute kid-sized enamel cups (not been used)

1940s potato peeler

I understand this was pre-cassette – the cartridge would be loaded with songs, but look at the size of the slot!

Concerto 70s cartridge player

Side view showing slot

Reproduction “vintage” phone (not working)

Made-in-Japan Cigarette Music Holder. It’s llke a music box for ciggies!

Learn to play a new instrument.

Hohner Melodica Soprano (in original box)

Instructions included

The original calculator (better than one as it needs no power source!)

Abacus 1 (13 places)

Abacus 2 (11 places) Lotus-flower brand

We think this was used for weighing letters to calculate postage.

Foldable portable mini weighing scale

Folds up into a slim case



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Vintage military and aircraft instruments

These will make great display pieces for someone who loves military memorabilia. We’ve got something really rare – the navigation instruments of a 1960s miltary plane, and other cool gadgets from the World War II era. Check these out!

A closer look

A closer look

A really cool joystick! Nah, it’s an even cooler pick-up microphone for an air-ground controller, circa World War II.

Pick-up microphone, British RAF

A fighter pilot’s oxygen respirator, circa World War II, British RAF.

Fighter pilot’s oxygen respirator, British RAF

World War II communications headset

World War II communications headset, made of bakelite

Morse code tapper (we have other models too)

Bakelite Morse code tapper


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New arrivals

Medic medic! First-aid bag from China

We seldom have furniture in the shop for sale, so this is a treat Рa small table suitable for a low sitting arrangement?

Small dainty table

Accordian in original case

Working tyre-lessly (Geddit?)

Michelin tin sign and mascot

Amber-coloured bottles with stoppers; old glass – what more can we say? These bottles are simply fabulous when the light hits.

Lovely cosmetic case that unusually opens from the side.

Slim & Sassy


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