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Domestic Helpers

We aim to provide vintage items that are practical as well – we’re not sure about the hairdryers though!

Yes we hear you, it’s difficult to find unique hooks out there (the designer ones are all too expensive!). These are just perfect to add some vintage character to your wall. Did we mention they’re functional too?

We have them mounted in one, twos and threes and unmounted as well.

Vintage hooks

One fixture is actually three hooks, so three of them means nine hooks! Gosh!

Elegant handheld mirror and coat brush

We’re not sure if these hairdryers are working (we recommend not trying them out with your other appliances on!) But lovely shapes, don’t you think?

National brand hairdryer

Wigo hairdryer (Made in Germany)

Wanli hairdryer (Made in China)


These teak photoframes have such a lovely nostalgic vibe to them. Imagine them hung in a row, in some old clan association or coffeeshop). The chains that come with them are made of metal links and are extraordinarily long. We have 7 frames available.

Vintage teak photoframes (46cm x 38cm)

Love the bevelled edges.

Metal chain for picture hanging


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Metal Head – hooks, handles and more

These items have nothing in common, except that they’re all metal, vintage and really unique!

Have you heard of the term Occupied Japan? It’s the period after WWII when Japan was occupied by the Allied forces (American and British mainly), from the year 1945 to about 1952. Which makes this exquisite jewellery box and lighter about 70 years old, gosh! These items are marked with the words “Made in Occupied Japan”.

Nickel-plated jewellery box

Art-deco style lighter (shaped like a tulip)

Made in Occupied Japan

A toast rack you can use for letters too.

Toast rack (sold)

A slice of Americana

American 50s diner-style napkin holder (sold)

The contrast of shades and textures makes it interesting

A gift from Brubaker Plumbing and Heating (sold)

Real American car license plates

Vintage brass handles – lovely to jazz up a plain wooden box or chest of drawers.

Brass handles

Brass handle

This is new but mid-century-modern inspired – a set of fun swivelling hooks.

Wall-mounted swivelling hooks

Wall-mounted swivelling hooks

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Join the Fan Club

It’s hot then it’s cold, cold then it’s hot. Hot or cold, a fan is always handy to have around. To cool you down when it’s hot (we’re not advocates of air-conditioning) and to dry your items if you get caught in the rain! =)

Blue Diamond electric fan

A look at the retroliciously-boxy control panel!

National fan

It's a cutie

National brand on base

An extension to our earlier post on unique  items you can place at your hallway…

No prizes for guessing what this brass hanger holds!

Colonial-era hooks (set of four). Make a coat hanger by mounting them in a row on a plank of old teak wood.

Antique Chinese carved wood holder - just the right size for letters!


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Hooked on these

These home accessories are just so infused with character and history, imagine the stories they could tell!

A 1930s metal letter holder with embroidery set into the front panels

Metal hooks that used to hold Chinese opera costumes!

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Fabulous Frocks

If you’ve not worn a vintage dress before, here’s what you’re missing:

The longer skirt lengths make you feel so much more ladylike, the softness of the fabric gives you amazing comfort and mobility and if the colours still look so fresh today, you know they’ll stay the same for a long time coming. And we havn’t even mentioned their unique prints and patterns, plus the fact that no one else will have the same dress. That part is almost guaranteed.

Take a look at what’s new in the shop (prices start at a pleasing $36!):

The tinge of blue perks up this lovely design (sold)

A closer look

A smart navy blue number with sheer top and lined skirt (sold)

A closer look at the repeated motif

Stay cool in this breezy sleeveless number with pleated skirt (sold)

A closer look at the floral pattern

Another floral dress thats extremely silky and cool on the skin (sold)

A closer look. Has buttons running up the back.

A fantastic look. We love the graphic line drawings and the combination of grey with pops of turquoise. (sold)

A closer look

Paisleys back and this one wows! (sold)

A closer look- stylish buttons!

 Great-looking dresses need similarly handsome hooks, here’s what we’re hung up on lately:

Vintage-y looking hooks, made of metal and ceramic

Love the Parisian flavour! Metal and ceramic hook (sold)

Only one of each design available (sold)

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