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(Re)Visit the Kopitiam

Ever you ever visited one of really old kopitiams in Singapore, just to ‘soak up the atmosphere’?

There aren’t many left here but you can certainly try to ‘re-create’ that old nostalgic feeling at home with a koptiam table, chairs and accessories.

Just the cups alone are enough to create that wave of nostalgia. Check out our little kopitiam corner with the iconic cups and saucers adorned with green English-style blossoms. The saucer is (deliberately?) deep for the purpose of holding a quivering softly poached egg. More uncommon and harder to find are the white cups, rimmed with gold and with that unmistakeable gold symbol. I admit I don’t know what the gold emblem stands for. Can anyone tell me? What I do know is that I know it instantly as a kopitiam cup.

We have limited quantity of these 2 cup designs and are selling them as sets (cup+saucer+little spoon). All sets are new and never been used (the gold is still bright on the white cup).

The Big Picture

Kopitiam cups

The blue Esso “LPG”canister is actually a vintage soya sauce container. It was a premium from the company.


The toaster is also ‘new’ as in new arrival =)

The top panel becomes a toast rack when taken out!


The toaster is standing on a vintage stool which has been restored with a new cane seat. Used in the kopitiam too perhaps? We have a few of these.

Stool with cane seat


New designs of patterned glasses

Glasses with printed patterns


This would have been useful in a kopitiam. Vintage-style standing ashtray – flip the tray open to rest your ciggie and flip it closed to throw away the ash. Ingenious design! Also available in fuchsia.

Ashtray with goose neck stand






Watch this space for more kopitiam news! Akan Datang!



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More updates…

I enjoy changing the displays in the shop when I’m there, and always try to theme it up, at least in the main window.

To say it’s challenging would be an understatement, as we have so many items but so little space – just the rectangular glass surface that’s the top of the display showcase actually. 

For my latest effort, I have put together Johnnie Walker memorabilia and iems I feel would look great on any retro-kitchen’s countertop – an authentic yellow and grey Thermos brand flask (looks circa 50s), a National toaster (love the argyle pattern!) and rectangular Diamond brand clock. We also have the same toaster in shiny silver which doubles up as an excellent mirror we feel. Both toasters are in good and working condition.

It’s really a coincidence, we just got a dial phone in the same soothing baby blue of the toaster (sold)! Pair with this phone index (bet you have not seen these in a while!)

Made-in-Japan phone


Store all your numbers! (sold)

Here’s the rest of the new fashion. We now have blouses too!

The detail is in the buttons (sold)

Silky black blouse with ribbon neck-tie (sold)

Play sexy secretary!

Another silky number, but with a twist for the neck-tie (sold)

Just knot it loosely for a casual air

Geometric cool! (sold)

Electric blue with pocket frill

Love the frill detail and buttons!


Smart linen dress with orange stitching and waist sash

Simple and rustic

One first formal-wear piece and it’s a beauty, with luxurious draping at the bodice and a bow on one shoulder. Imagine how it would look like with the right belt (we suggest a gold buckle)!

Not your average little black dress


Simply elegant

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Stationery- as you’ve never seen them before!

See what your desktop stationery looked like some 8o or more years ago!



Tape dispenser



Dymo label-maker (metal, not plastic)


Brass bell

We also have two new typewriters

Litton Imperial

Amida (black and white)


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and we’re back!

Time flies when you’re having fun! Even though we were hard at work looking for what we think you might like (and lugging it all back), we also enjoyed every minute of it.

Apologies for the long absence (our customers have been asking when the new items will be posted), so ta dah, here’s the first show-and-tell for our new items which includes typewriters, clocks, turntables, tin toys and not forgetting lovely vintage dresses as well (in the next post!)

We have three new typewriters – two in really retro-licious yellow and orange and one more serious candidate.

Olivetti typewriter - comes with a cover in the same colour.

Adler typewriter - comes with a cover in the same colour

Remington typewriter- comes attached to case

Watch the eyes on these cute woodland creatures, they move from side-to-side as the clock ticks! In working condition.

Look hoo's watching - Diamond-brand alarm clock

Bambi alarm clock

 Bakelite is  the grandfather of all plastics, so this clock  is pretty rare. The ones with the metal-casing (like the one you see in the shop) is more commonly seen. Really lovely art-deco style numerals, and in perfect working condition too!

Diamond Bakelite clock

A more fun and retro style

 We love old luggage, and from what we’ve seen of the latest boutique display windows and interior-design spreads, the fashion and design world loves them too.  Stack them in a pile or use one open as a display for your favourite books and magazines. With their weatherbeaten surfaces, nicks, scrapes and scratches, each one tells a story.

Pile it up

(on top of the pile) Diamond-carrying slim wooden case

(bottom of the pile) cute black and red checked case. Reminds us of those Enid Blyton stories.

Fits a teddy bear perfectly =)

A light case- we hear it's original owner was a flight crew member

Revelation - a prestige British luggage brand.

Circa 1930s heavyweight leather luggage with brass locks and studs

Circa 1930s-40s Indian metal trunks (2 sizes)

inside trunk

Long case (good for storing posters!)

To serve the people- old China barefoot doctor's medical bag (with strap)

 Do you want to bring fashion to your workplace?  A vintage leather briefcase makes a great finishing touch to any smart suit. I’ve even spotted a very fashionable student carrying one up the bus, complete with dapper hat. We have a few in the shop, all handmade, and with that well-seasoned patina that gives it such great character. (At very affordable prices too!)

Hartmann leather briefcase

In great condition, with warranty card intact

 More to come tomorrow!


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Thanks for dropping by!

A big thanks to those who dropped by the Cross Roads garage sale yesterday, we had fun!

We didn’t manage to bring much stuff there so here’s what’s new in the store. We sold the toaster-thermos set posted on the blog a while back, so here’s another one (this time in lovely baby blue) for those retro fans.

Retro Sanyo toaster

Includes a cover when it's not in use.

Something fun- mascots we love

Horlicks photoframe

This man needs no introduction =)

Another fastfood icon- Colonel Sanders coinbank

Sing it, M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!

A tough British bulldog figurine

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Wall Art

Wall art is more than paintings or posters! Need a way to showcase your collection of Smurf figurines? Or what about those tikam toys in capsules? We have the perfect item for you… This teak tray used to be laid on a tabletop to keep the typesets used in printing. Cool right? Hang it vertically or horizontally, the choice is yours. (L-length, W-width, D-depth)

Dimensions L89cm x W36cm x D5cm.

We can’t decide if the pattern of this geometric panel is oriental or art-decor, maybe it’s a bit of both. What do you think?

dimensions L90cm x W44cm

For some Peranakan flavour, how about this beautiful carved teak cabinet door? Yes! you can hang a door on your wall too…

dimensions L64cm x W55cm

A closer look


A pair of elaborate Peranakan cabinet doors, in great condition too! Imagine them mounted on the wall next to a traditional kopitiam table and chairs, just like windows. What a lovely scene.

dimension for one panel L87cm x W38cm


My favourite of the lot, the ‘fish scale’ panel. It might be antique, but the pattern looks fresh, graphic and modern, any way you turn it. Up or down- we love them both ways!

one way...

or another. Dimensions L71cm x W33cm

This piece has depth!


Not strictly a wall panel… ok it’s not a wall panel at all, but equally unique is this standing shelf with many slots to store or display many items.

dimensions L103cm x W25cm x D9.5cm

 All items are unique and one piece each, pls email bymyoldschool@gmail.com to view or to check availability =)

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Furniture for sale

Love the pencil legs and rounded details of 60s furniture? Here are  two gems for your consideration:

The teak wardrobe is in great condition and a fine example of retro style.

The dresser is going for a good price, as it does have a few knicks and scratches – will make a cool DIY restoration project.

Pls email me if you’re interested to give them a good home. Prices affordable and negotiable =)

Vintage wardrobe (sold)

Vintage dresser


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Lights, camera, props…

Planning a retro-themed event? Our items are also available for rent. We can also help you find that unique piece of nostalgia which will complete your decor scheme. Just drop us an email at bymyoldschool@gmail.com with your wish list. We can’t fit everything in the store, so here’s a taste of what else we have. There’s more, so watch this space!

Vintage KDK fan

Vintage Limit fan

Old telephone from Shanghai

Cash register- Ker-ching!!

50s microphone

Game anyone? Wooden tennis rackets

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Frame it Up!

When I was younger I remember my home had one beautiful sparkling glass picture frame which held a family picture. Sadly I broke it (clumsy me!). Nowadays frames are mostly wood and metal, and fairly predictable in design. We bet you havn’t seen these glass frames in a while. Prices start from $8 only!

Assorted frames, from $8 (sold)

This is a bigger gold-tone one with lovely grey bands

Love the grey hues! (sold)

An elegant profile (backview)

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More items for the home

These are rare finds for the vintage-loving hostess… A 60s plastic candy tray still in its original box (mint condition) and a drinking set in the same style.

I only have what you see and not more. The plastic is etched with intricate facets that make it almost jewel-like.

Original box!

Candy tray with cover (sold)

7-pc drinking set

Before there was British Airways (BA), there was the British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC), which flew from 1939 to 1974 before it merged with another company to form BA in 1974. Travelling by plane was a big deal then and here’s a pretty blue pitcher to prove it. This vintage ceramic BOAC pitcher is a great piece of airline memorabilia. Has ‘Made in England’ on the underside.

BOAC pitcher

Ho Ho Horlicks! It has a British heritage too, like BOAC =) This quaint glass Horlicks jug and stirrer is also made in England (moulded into the glass at the bottom).

Horlicks, mmmm (sold)

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