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Things for the Table

It’s time to throw your home open once again and let the good energies in to reinvigorate the space.

Dress your table up with these nostalgic pieces.

Vintage glasses- set of 6

Vintage glasses- set of 5

Vintage glasses - set of 3

Vintage glasses - set of 3

Also available are loose designs you can mix and match!

Full sets of brand new vintage amber glasses (in box)

Set of five

New cups/ bowls – just the right size for a scoop of ice-cream =)

New in box

Toothpicks always come in handy, let the bird pick one up for you!

Remember drinking soup from these at grandma’s place?

These 2 sizes are a little smaller than your regular soup bowl.

Put some colour on your table with these rainbow-hued saucers.

It might say Spice but you can put anything in these really, and leave it on the table for your guests – salt, pepper, chilli, sesame seeds, etc

Sturdy marble-patterned glass pitcher

Glass pitcher

Four-sided Johnnie Walker jug

An ice-bucket is always good to have, what more this cool brand new black and white VAT 69 Scotch whisky bucket!



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Gift Guide Part 3

With the train distruptions recently, we’re glad to say that the shop is extremely accesssible by bus and car =) Well, it comes with being along one of the main expressways in Singapore, the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE), which leads all the way to the east of Singapore with hardly a traffic light in sight.

So if you’re giving the downtown areas a miss, shop vintage at our small but bustling (and bursting) store!

As we hurtle towards Christmas (yes it’s going to be that fast), consider these Christmas gift ideas.


A set of six amber glasses, new in the box!

Pretty amber glasses

Cover of box


A really old-school film camera which will actually work! Comes new in the box as well.

Old-School camera

Camera manual


Bet you haven’t seen these in a while. Dip the bird and he picks up a toothpick!

Toothpick holder


For those trendy folks, geek-chic spectacle frames made of good-quality acetate. As these are vintage pre-loved pieces, we took out the original lenses so everyone can wear them =)

Presidential style =)

I think my uncle wore these in the 70s.

Made in West Germany

The pretty pink sides

The only pair with lenses, New old stock.



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Gift Guide Part Two

For the hostess with the mostest…

Amber cups and saucers in mint condition (set of six in box)

For those who want to relive their childhood…

(It says on the box: The wisdom board is a highly fascinating and educational toy. It will arouse the wisdom of the children, teaches them to use the beads in simple calculation….. set all their basic necessary knowledge in English alphabets, numerals, time, week, month, season,…….) We love it as it really packs plenty in one neat and boldly-coloured package!

Made-in-Shanghai Wisdom Board

Flip side

Learn about the seasons and more!

For those who love history…

Framed vintage French postcards

Ony a select few are framed.

The see-through frame lets you appreciate the wonderful handwriting behind.

For typewriter fans…

Adler Contessa in bold bright orange! (sold)

Royal typewriter


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(Re)Visit the Kopitiam

Ever you ever visited one of really old kopitiams in Singapore, just to ‘soak up the atmosphere’?

There aren’t many left here but you can certainly try to ‘re-create’ that old nostalgic feeling at home with a koptiam table, chairs and accessories.

Just the cups alone are enough to create that wave of nostalgia. Check out our little kopitiam corner with the iconic cups and saucers adorned with green English-style blossoms. The saucer is (deliberately?) deep for the purpose of holding a quivering softly poached egg. More uncommon and harder to find are the white cups, rimmed with gold and with that unmistakeable gold symbol. I admit I don’t know what the gold emblem stands for. Can anyone tell me? What I do know is that I know it instantly as a kopitiam cup.

We have limited quantity of these 2 cup designs and are selling them as sets (cup+saucer+little spoon). All sets are new and never been used (the gold is still bright on the white cup).

The Big Picture

Kopitiam cups

The blue Esso “LPG”canister is actually a vintage soya sauce container. It was a premium from the company.


The toaster is also ‘new’ as in new arrival =)

The top panel becomes a toast rack when taken out!


The toaster is standing on a vintage stool which has been restored with a new cane seat. Used in the kopitiam too perhaps? We have a few of these.

Stool with cane seat


New designs of patterned glasses

Glasses with printed patterns


This would have been useful in a kopitiam. Vintage-style standing ashtray – flip the tray open to rest your ciggie and flip it closed to throw away the ash. Ingenious design! Also available in fuchsia.

Ashtray with goose neck stand






Watch this space for more kopitiam news! Akan Datang!


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Have a Drink!

Here at By My Old School, we like our drinking glasses mismatched. And why buy new ones when you’ve got vintage designs packed with personality?

They work perfectly well too! More designs in store.



Pair these retro glasses with one of these old-time hot-water flasks and food containers for a great-looking nostalgic corner.

Hot water flask with carrying handle

Hot water flask with a different handle (not seen)Large pink hot water flask


Soup/ porridge carrier


Ice-cream carrier with vintage ice-cream scoop

Ice-cream container with scoop

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New arrivals

Medic medic! First-aid bag from China

We seldom have furniture in the shop for sale, so this is a treat – a small table suitable for a low sitting arrangement?

Small dainty table

Accordian in original case

Working tyre-lessly (Geddit?)

Michelin tin sign and mascot

Amber-coloured bottles with stoppers; old glass – what more can we say? These bottles are simply fabulous when the light hits.

Lovely cosmetic case that unusually opens from the side.

Slim & Sassy


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We’re open!

Our brick and mortar shop just had its soft opening today, finally! We took a month to set up and get the look right =)

We hope it’s a cosy place our customers will like. Not everything is in yet (there’s still an empty showcase to be filled), but there’s already plenty to browse: a great selection of dresses, printed glass cups, ties, cufflinks and more. They’re all vintage and one-of-a-kind. So call us and drop by soon! Here are some images to tempt you!

Day view

 A few hours later…

Night view

Some merchandise… vintage cufflinks at only $20 a pair. Great for everyday wear.

But if you’re feeling like more bling, then consider these… at $110 a set with matching tie-pin and original box. They don’t make ’em like this anymore. ‘We have a huge range of cufflink designs, from $20 to $120.

Pretty wild, but we like!

Wish I could keep this beautiful satiny number with the cutest oblong buttons. Wonder who’s the lucky person to bring it home…

Dress, $48

If you visited someone’s home during Chinese New Year in the ’60, you were probably served F&N orange in one of these glasses…

Vintage glasses, $4 each


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