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Send your love – with a vintage postcard

We know you love our French vintage postcards – turn them into greeting cards with our card frames! Your recipient can display the cards AND change the display whenever they want! Just take the postcard out of the slot – clever eh? 🙂

We have a limited number of vintage French Christmas-themed cards and card frames – get them now!




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The PERFECT gift

Find it at By My Old School!

For the person who loves keropok (prawn crackers)


For those who love Pepsi


Old-school Pepsi glasses

For the person who needs spectacles 🙂


Vintage optician kit


For the ‘domestic goddess’ who doesn’t cook


Reproduction metal sign (sold)

For the retro-fashion fashionista


Vintage patchwork clutch (sold)


Vintage patchwork clutch (sold)

For those who love trinkets


Made-in-England glass vintage butter dish


Store your butter or your jewellery!

If you just want to send your festive greetings, do so with our greeting cards made with authentic vintage French postcards! Some examples of the postcards here:




More gift ideas to come but check these out in the shop now! 🙂

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The Magic of Marilyn and other gems

Images of Marilyn Monroe are simply timeless, even though it’s the 50th anniversary of her death this year.

These classic black and white prints truly capture her as an eternal icon of beauty and sweet sexiness.

Framed print, unfortunately a new pane of glass needs to be fitted. Measures 62cm x 52 cm.

The print is labelled “Milton H Green photoportfolio”

Classic Marilyn

This framed print below measures 50cm x 39cm

Sexy Marilyn

More things you can hang up at home – mirrored signs for the bar area or kitchen.

Tiger Beer sign 51 cm x 41 cm

Stella Artois Gold Standard Establishment plaque 41cm x 23cm

Tripel Karmeliet beer sign (a Belgian speciality beer) 40cm x 40cm

Metal Belgian road sign (65cm x 32cm)

Add a regal touch to your home with a portrait of this aristocratic guy.

Celebrate Simon Bolivar, a Venezuelan national hero who ruled the country in the 1800s.

Beautiful antique oval wood frame

Great for a vintage travel decor theme, but needs a pane of glass for the frame.

Framed “vintage” French Line advertisement poster (52cm x 37cm)

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Gift Guide Part Two

For the hostess with the mostest…

Amber cups and saucers in mint condition (set of six in box)

For those who want to relive their childhood…

(It says on the box: The wisdom board is a highly fascinating and educational toy. It will arouse the wisdom of the children, teaches them to use the beads in simple calculation….. set all their basic necessary knowledge in English alphabets, numerals, time, week, month, season,…….) We love it as it really packs plenty in one neat and boldly-coloured package!

Made-in-Shanghai Wisdom Board

Flip side

Learn about the seasons and more!

For those who love history…

Framed vintage French postcards

Ony a select few are framed.

The see-through frame lets you appreciate the wonderful handwriting behind.

For typewriter fans…

Adler Contessa in bold bright orange! (sold)

Royal typewriter


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Send all your loving

If email is the new snail mail, then gosh, what does that make sending letters and postcards?

Are penpals and penmanship truly dead? Perhaps these beautiful vintage French postcards will inspire you to pick up pen and paper again and send a handwritten note to a loved one, wherever they are (even in the same city!)

They are actual postcards from the 1900s complete with postmarked stamps and lines of adoration/ admiration/ fond greetings/ wish you were heres. Yes, we have 100-year-old postcards for sale, isn’t that cool?

Frame them up, use as a bookmark or simply look at them and get lost in their sense of history and culture. We just wish we could understand French!

We have lots of designs to choose from – coquettish ladies, cherubic children, grand architecture, scenic landscapes and more.

Bonne Annee (Happy New Year)

Toulouse- Rond Lafayette

Toulouse-back (1911)

Notre-Dame de L'epine

Beautiful calligraphy

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