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I love enamel

By nature of its material alone, enamel is an old-fashioned material, before stainless steel and synthetic materials took over in the manufacture of kitchenware. Is it any wonder then that those who love vintage have a soft spot for enamel-ware too?

Here’s what we have, great for decor but don’t forget they can be used too!

Cooking pot



For the table

White bowl and mug with blue rim (sold separately)


Kid-size mugs


Small red pot with handle (for boiling milk?)


Also in store are enamel trays and floral mugs with lids. Come check them out 🙂


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Have a Drink!

Our new arrivals include lots of lovely patterned glasses! Just right for sipping on a chilled beverage these hot humid days.

$15 for 5 glasses (we have 10 of these)

$10 for a set of 3 (These are smaller than the usual ones)

$15 for 3 glasses (we have 6 of these)

$20 for a set of 4

Beautiful sunny yellow glasses. For comparison.

Miranda glasses $5 each (We have 4 of these)

Rare tall floral-patterned glasses. $40 for a set of 6.

Ice-cream anyone?

Raffiaware bowls  by Thermo Temp $15 each

Raffiaware cups by Thermo Temp (with handle, $15, without handle $10)

British eggcups

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Vintage Enamel Trays

I wonder if vintage enamel trays can be regarded more as an art form than a mere functional object.

I wonder if the artists of these beautiful designs were ever documented and celebrated.

I wonder who they were and what their inspirations were.

We just received a batch of these and they are truly inspirational. The smallest is about 30cm and the largest is 51cm (that’s half a metre across!)

30cm diameter

30cm diameter

35cm diameter

40cm diameter

45cm diameter

51cm diameter

And one basin…

36cm diameter


At the bottom of the basin - a pair of flying geese


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