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Fan club

Check out these vintage fan regulators!


Complement with vintage switches like these.





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Other cool stuff

This cute plastic model is like your baby typewriter, waiting to grow up into a ‘serious’ heavyweight like the Olivetti. From the USA. It works too!

Marxwriter typewriter

Look at those adorable stubby keys

Comes with a baby blue case

Beat the heat with this working 1970s Pifco fan.

Pifco three-blade fan, 11 inches in height

Simple and effective design

Here’s a clever design – this travel clock has a covering which sheaths it completely. Now you see it…

Westclox travel clock

Now you (almost) don’t!

Almost covered up

It stands up, but when the stand is folded back, it becomes an anonymous oval object.

side view

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New ‘Old’ Things

Vintage is so popular right now, people are making new things that look old, or remaking old things into new ones!

Check out our ‘replica’ sewing machine that is actually a music box, a ‘replica’ dial-phone that is actually a lighter and a ‘replica’ fan that is actually a clock!

Wind up this sewing machine, pull the drawer out and and besides playing a twinkling tune, the machine parts move too! (the needle and foot pedal goes up and down)

Music box sewing machine

Side view

An idea of the scale

Try this neat party trick – light a candle with your phone! Or rather, the flame that comes from the dial of this cute little ‘telephone’. Just remember to load up with lighter fluid first.

The blades might not move, but this fan is still really cool (pun intended) for its vintage edge. The clock is detachable and runs on one small battery. Hey it looks like the KDK fan we used to have!

KDK fan (sold)


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Join the Fan Club

It’s hot then it’s cold, cold then it’s hot. Hot or cold, a fan is always handy to have around. To cool you down when it’s hot (we’re not advocates of air-conditioning) and to dry your items if you get caught in the rain! =)

Blue Diamond electric fan

A look at the retroliciously-boxy control panel!

National fan

It's a cutie

National brand on base

An extension to our earlier post on unique  items you can place at your hallway…

No prizes for guessing what this brass hanger holds!

Colonial-era hooks (set of four). Make a coat hanger by mounting them in a row on a plank of old teak wood.

Antique Chinese carved wood holder - just the right size for letters!


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