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New in shop – random items

Come and check out these new items!

Brand new foldable desk lamp

Small thermos flask

Plated metal egg cups

Canon Zoom 8 video camera

A closer look

Olivetti Studio 46 typewriter


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Have a Drink!

Our new arrivals include lots of lovely patterned glasses! Just right for sipping on a chilled beverage these hot humid days.

$15 for 5 glasses (we have 10 of these)

$10 for a set of 3 (These are smaller than the usual ones)

$15 for 3 glasses (we have 6 of these)

$20 for a set of 4

Beautiful sunny yellow glasses. For comparison.

Miranda glasses $5 each (We have 4 of these)

Rare tall floral-patterned glasses. $40 for a set of 6.

Ice-cream anyone?

Raffiaware bowls  by Thermo Temp $15 each

Raffiaware cups by Thermo Temp (with handle, $15, without handle $10)

British eggcups

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