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National Treasure

Have you been watching Treasure Hunt on Channel News Asia? Now catch the exhibition The People’s Collection at the National Museum! They might not be priceless artefacts but these items mean more to us as Singaporeans – part of a real-life account of what life used to be in the past. We were featured in the episode focusing on the 60s’; see our vintage cash register, brass toast grille and kopitiam cup.

The exhibition runs from now till 29 April at the National Museum, Stamford Road. Here are some highlights from the launch event.






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Material of the moment – copper

If there is one material that will make your home feel all warm and Christmassy, it’s copper. Cooks also use copper pots because it has great heat-conductivity. And of course, they look so elegant in any kitchen!

Here are our copper kitchenware





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Household Goods

Just your simple everyday items… the everyday items of the past that is =)

Rooster brand alarm clock (working condition)

Plated napkin holder (engraved with “With Compliments Stamford Press”)

UK-made pear-shaped plate

Cute kid-sized enamel cups (not been used)

1940s potato peeler

I understand this was pre-cassette – the cartridge would be loaded with songs, but look at the size of the slot!

Concerto 70s cartridge player

Side view showing slot

Reproduction “vintage” phone (not working)

Made-in-Japan Cigarette Music Holder. It’s llke a music box for ciggies!

Learn to play a new instrument.

Hohner Melodica Soprano (in original box)

Instructions included

The original calculator (better than one as it needs no power source!)

Abacus 1 (13 places)

Abacus 2 (11 places) Lotus-flower brand

We think this was used for weighing letters to calculate postage.

Foldable portable mini weighing scale

Folds up into a slim case


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New in shop – random items

Come and check out these new items!

Brand new foldable desk lamp

Small thermos flask

Plated metal egg cups

Canon Zoom 8 video camera

A closer look

Olivetti Studio 46 typewriter

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Have a Drink!

Our new arrivals include lots of lovely patterned glasses! Just right for sipping on a chilled beverage these hot humid days.

$15 for 5 glasses (we have 10 of these)

$10 for a set of 3 (These are smaller than the usual ones)

$15 for 3 glasses (we have 6 of these)

$20 for a set of 4

Beautiful sunny yellow glasses. For comparison.

Miranda glasses $5 each (We have 4 of these)

Rare tall floral-patterned glasses. $40 for a set of 6.

Ice-cream anyone?

Raffiaware bowls  by Thermo Temp $15 each

Raffiaware cups by Thermo Temp (with handle, $15, without handle $10)

British eggcups

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