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Exquisite Chinese Antiques

Did we mention we have lots more items of antiquity than what you see in the shop? There’s also a great collection¬†of Chinese antiques we’re making available now. These carvings, decorative items, wooden screens, and more, have been in our collection for years, and the quality is hard to find now. We especially love the lifelike carvings which are truly dynamic and lively. They’re available for viewing, so give us a call! Check out the “Chinese Antiques” tab above for the catalogue of items.





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Global Table

Buying items from all over the world is common and easy today, but in the past, owning something from the other side of the world must have gotten one huge bragging rights.

So it kinda romantic to think of how they came to Singapore, and why.

Clay containers from Amsterdam. Used to store liquor. These were probably used on a ship.


Vintage jug from Sri Lanka.

Pretty soup bowls from England (set of five)

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Fan club

Check out these vintage fan regulators!


Complement with vintage switches like these.




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Call me, call me, baby baby call me now…

Recognise the lyrics of this song? I’ll give a prize to the first person who emails me with the name of the song! (hint: it’s from the 80s) =)

Anyway, the point of this lyrical challenge is that you can revert to calling me now at 98792088 for enquiries and appointments.

Some lovely new items in the shop include these really nifty ‘vintage’¬†travel stickers you can use to turn any ol’ leather bag or journal into a instant antique piece! 3 collections of designs are available, 8 different stickers in a pack.

An adorable family of (ceramic) rabbits


To continue the theme, acrylic earring-holders in a woodland theme (complete with mushrooms, squirrels and bunnies!) Available in black and white. Not vintage I know, but I couldn’t resist!

Three retro lamps to light up your your bedside or study table! All in working condition.


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