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Exquisite Chinese Antiques

Did we mention we have lots more items of antiquity than what you see in the shop? There’s also a great collection of Chinese antiques we’re making available now. These carvings, decorative items, wooden screens, and more, have been in our collection for years, and the quality is hard to find now. We especially love the lifelike carvings which are truly dynamic and lively. They’re available for viewing, so give us a call! Check out the “Chinese Antiques” tab above for the catalogue of items.





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Join the Fan Club

It’s hot then it’s cold, cold then it’s hot. Hot or cold, a fan is always handy to have around. To cool you down when it’s hot (we’re not advocates of air-conditioning) and to dry your items if you get caught in the rain! =)

Blue Diamond electric fan

A look at the retroliciously-boxy control panel!

National fan

It's a cutie

National brand on base

An extension to our earlier post on unique  items you can place at your hallway…

No prizes for guessing what this brass hanger holds!

Colonial-era hooks (set of four). Make a coat hanger by mounting them in a row on a plank of old teak wood.

Antique Chinese carved wood holder - just the right size for letters!


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