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Material of the moment – copper

If there is one material that will make your home feel all warm and Christmassy, it’s copper. Cooks also use copper pots because it has great heat-conductivity. And of course, they look so elegant in any kitchen!

Here are our copper kitchenware






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I love enamel

By nature of its material alone, enamel is an old-fashioned material, before stainless steel and synthetic materials took over in the manufacture of kitchenware. Is it any wonder then that those who love vintage have a soft spot for enamel-ware too?

Here’s what we have, great for decor but don’t forget they can be used too!

Cooking pot



For the table

White bowl and mug with blue rim (sold separately)


Kid-size mugs


Small red pot with handle (for boiling milk?)


Also in store are enamel trays and floral mugs with lids. Come check them out ­čÖé

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Have a Drink!

Our new arrivals include lots of lovely patterned glasses! Just right for sipping on a chilled beverage these hot humid days.

$15 for 5 glasses (we have 10 of these)

$10 for a set of 3 (These are smaller than the usual ones)

$15 for 3 glasses (we have 6 of these)

$20 for a set of 4

Beautiful sunny yellow glasses. For comparison.

Miranda glasses $5 each (We have 4 of these)

Rare tall floral-patterned glasses. $40 for a set of 6.

Ice-cream anyone?

Raffiaware bowls  by Thermo Temp $15 each

Raffiaware cups by Thermo Temp (with handle, $15, without handle $10)

British eggcups

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Things for the Table

It’s time to throw your home open once again and let the good energies in to reinvigorate the space.

Dress your table up with these nostalgic pieces.

Vintage glasses- set of 6

Vintage glasses- set of 5

Vintage glasses - set of 3

Vintage glasses - set of 3

Also available are loose designs you can mix and match!

Full sets of brand new vintage amber glasses (in box)

Set of five

New cups/ bowls – just the right size for a scoop of ice-cream =)

New in box

Toothpicks always come in handy, let the bird pick one up for you!

Remember drinking soup from┬áthese at grandma’s place?

These 2 sizes are a little smaller than your regular soup bowl.

Put some colour on your table with these rainbow-hued saucers.

It might say Spice but you can put anything in these really, and leave it on the table┬áfor your guests – salt, pepper, chilli, sesame seeds, etc

Sturdy marble-patterned glass pitcher

Glass pitcher

Four-sided Johnnie Walker jug

An ice-bucket is always good to have, what more this cool brand new black and white VAT 69 Scotch whisky bucket!


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