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The Magic of Marilyn and other gems

Images of Marilyn Monroe are simply timeless, even though it’s the 50th anniversary of her death this year.

These classic black and white prints truly capture her as an eternal icon of beauty and sweet sexiness.

Framed print, unfortunately a new pane of glass needs to be fitted. Measures 62cm x 52 cm.

The print is labelled “Milton H Green photoportfolio”

Classic Marilyn

This framed print below measures 50cm x 39cm

Sexy Marilyn

More things you can hang up at home – mirrored signs for the bar area or kitchen.

Tiger Beer sign 51 cm x 41 cm

Stella Artois Gold Standard Establishment plaque 41cm x 23cm

Tripel Karmeliet beer sign (a Belgian speciality beer) 40cm x 40cm

Metal Belgian road sign (65cm x 32cm)

Add a regal touch to your home with a portrait of this aristocratic guy.

Celebrate Simon Bolivar, a Venezuelan national hero who ruled the country in the 1800s.

Beautiful antique oval wood frame

Great for a vintage travel decor theme, but needs a pane of glass for the frame.

Framed “vintage” French Line advertisement poster (52cm x 37cm)


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New arrivals!

Here are some of the items fresh in the store from our trip! Business has resumed – we’ll be open this Sat as usual from noon to 7pm, or call for an appointment on other days =)

French enamel soapdish

French enamel soapdish

Art Nouveau style metal door plate for the bathroom. A few designs available.

Art Nouveau style metal door plate for the bathroom.

Art Nouveau style metal door plate for the bathroom.

Reproduction vintage metal advertising sign (41.5cm x 30cm)

Reproduction vintage metal advertising sign (41.5cm x 30cm)

Cute metal sign great for kitchens (21cm x 21cm)

Embossed reproduction metal Guinness sign (30cm x 20cm)

The all-time favourite… we’ve had many requests for this and it’s finally available for you to take home!

Embossed metal plate Keep Calm and Carry on sign (30cm x 20cm)


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We are the Champion!

What says champion better than a good ol’ trophy? And these vintage ones carry their past triumphs like a proud badge.

They’re what a winner’s cup should really look like! We have them in a range of sizes, from a tiny adorable vessel to a huge one you can use as a planter.

Some are also inscribed and dated – does any of these ring a bell?

Piala Bola Kaki Umum, Djuara II P.B.B 17-8-52 (Piala Football Cup?)

S.P.C Gymkhana 1955 (Gymkhana seems to be a type of motorsport)

K.P.Y.F Badminton Championship presented by David Tan



A family of winners

Size matters!

Some new metal plate signs have also arrived! You’ll smile at the cigarette ones for their un-politically correct slogans.



'80s double-sided parking coupon sign (sold)

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New arrivals

Medic medic! First-aid bag from China

We seldom have furniture in the shop for sale, so this is a treat – a small table suitable for a low sitting arrangement?

Small dainty table

Accordian in original case

Working tyre-lessly (Geddit?)

Michelin tin sign and mascot

Amber-coloured bottles with stoppers; old glass – what more can we say? These bottles are simply fabulous when the light hits.

Lovely cosmetic case that unusually opens from the side.

Slim & Sassy


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Radio Gaga

35 years ago, this what people bought when they wanted music on the go. Have fun reading these old ads we dug up for Sanyo portable music players.

Can someone please please manufacture an i-pod version of these rockin retro beauties?

From Fanfare magazine

From Fanfare magazine

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