I’m a girl in love with vintage style and By My Old School is my family’s humble vintage boutique. We have fashion items for both men and women as well as homeware and quirky retro knick-knacks. Many of these items are one-off pieces from the 60s or older that are hard to come by again. Come check us out and start your vintage treasure hunt!

Vintage fashion items include dresses, ties, cufflinks, belts and  bags.

Vintage homeware includes glasses, lamps, fans and photo frames.

Looking for something specific? We might have it even though you don’t see it in the shop or on the blog. Please call Rebecca at 9879-2088 or email us at bymyoldschool@gmail.com.

See you soon!


18 responses to “About

  1. Wyn

    Hi! What a great site! So you guys finally set up shop? Where to visit? 🙂

    P.S Are the dresses you’re selling your mum’s??

    • Hi Wyn, thanks for visiting! =)
      No, they’re not my mum’s, haha, although she did have similar dresses in the past.
      We’re at Normanton Park, will post directions soon on the About page.

  2. johnson

    hi, may i know how much is the yellow type writer,bambi
    clock and the parisian ceramic hook?

  3. fooch

    This store is a work of passion. The best bar none. A mecca for the devotees of the Goddess ”Nostalgia”. Make sure all you nostalgia freaks visit this store at least once.

  4. AG

    Hi there,

    Just wondering if you sell any vintage typewriter? If have, do you mind sending a photo and pm me the price?


    • Hi AG,

      Yes we have a range of vintage typewriters in working condition. Please click on the typewriter tag on the blog and let me know which one you are interested in.
      I will email you the price. Thanks for your enquiry!


  5. Hi Rebecca…. any new stuff to purchase :). I remembered seeing microphones and i refered Sebastian from rocco and kent i hope he managed to get his microphones….I saw he bought a few stuff from swank ..awesome

    • Hi Steve, thanks for the referral! 🙂 what are you looking for? Let me know and I’ll tell you if I have it. Keep checking back on our blog for the latest items!

      • Hi Rebecca.. me is looking for what the ever catches my eye lol… yes I constantly keep visiting this webby for updates. .. i shall drop by after cny 😉 p.s. I like mechanical stuff

  6. Jeffery Abdullah

    Hi Rebecca,
    While goggling I found your site. This is very interesting. Regarding about your LM Ericsson Rotary phone with the hotel icon from STB, I also have the same pair bought from someone. I am very curious to know which hotel back then in Singapore was using this phone? I believed STB had custom made these phones specially for the hotel. Do you happen to know which one?
    I am one of the rotary telephone collector. I hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you and have e great week ahead! 🙂

  7. joey

    Hi there,
    What a great site! You sell really amazing stuffs.
    Just to enquire do you sell typewriter ribbon/ink ? If yes, whats the price like ?

  8. Iris

    Hi, do you take in vintage stuff like beer mugs and drinking glasses from the 80′s? My parents are moving and we have lots of such stuff.

  9. Jessy

    Hi there, The luggages that you have in your prop category, are they available for purchase? Thank you!

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