Vintage Enamel Trays

I wonder if vintage enamel trays can be regarded more as an art form than a mere functional object.

I wonder if the artists of these beautiful designs were ever documented and celebrated.

I wonder who they were and what their inspirations were.

We just received a batch of these and they are truly inspirational. The smallest is about 30cm and the largest is 51cm (that’s half a metre across!)

30cm diameter

30cm diameter

35cm diameter

40cm diameter

45cm diameter

51cm diameter

And one basin…

36cm diameter


At the bottom of the basin - a pair of flying geese



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2 responses to “Vintage Enamel Trays

  1. Alexandra

    Hi there, I’m looking for some enamel tray and mugs. How much do these cost?

    • Hi Alexandra,

      We have various sizes for the enamel trays – prices range from $15 to $45. Pls let me know which pieces you are interested in and I’ll email you the prices.


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