Send all your loving

If email is the new snail mail, then gosh, what does that make sending letters and postcards?

Are penpals and penmanship truly dead? Perhaps these beautiful vintage French postcards will inspire you to pick up pen and paper again and send a handwritten note to a loved one, wherever they are (even in the same city!)

They are actual postcards from the 1900s complete with postmarked stamps and lines of adoration/ admiration/ fond greetings/ wish you were heres. Yes, we have 100-year-old postcards for sale, isn’t that cool?

Frame them up, use as a bookmark or simply look at them and get lost in their sense of history and culture. We just wish we could understand French!

We have lots of designs to choose from – coquettish ladies, cherubic children, grand architecture, scenic landscapes and more.

Bonne Annee (Happy New Year)

Toulouse- Rond Lafayette

Toulouse-back (1911)

Notre-Dame de L'epine

Beautiful calligraphy


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